Transformers DOTM thoughts.

So you may have read a couple days ago me expressing my excitement and my fears about going to see Transformers 3 and the Daunting challenge I issued to Michael Bay about restoring my faith in him.

Well… I saw it. and have very mixed feelings about the movie. I’ve spent the last couple days reliving every action scene in my head and still can’t really decide what i think. It is easily better than the second. You’ll remember i complained about the second not focusing on the Transformers, the third corrected this issue. There are several really good scenes that include only transformers. but to help myself decide i’m going to just list some of my likes and dislikes in this post.

LIke – the new Witwicky love interest is easily as hot as Megan Fox.

Dislike – they removed the 2 bumbling moronic Autobots (the twins) from the second one only to replace them with a slew of equally annoying robots.

(now spoilers follow)

LIke – Leonard Nimoy

Dislike – Having Nimoy say “the needs of the many outway the needs of the few” – this was supposed to be a nice little shout out to startrek fans and people like me who were excited to have 2 of my favorite things combined (Spock and Transformers), but i found that it didn’t trigger my inner (and obvious outer) Trekkie, instead i thought it was almost to lazy and obvious to matter to me. and the line seemed rather tossed in and not well thought out.

Dislike – How I just wrote a big paragraph (that i then deleted) about how the plot in the DOTM is all to convenient. The plan in the third relies entirely on getting Optimus to use the matrix of leadership on Sentinel so that he may control the pillars to bring Cybertron to Earth (which kind of would have been useless had their plan succeeded in the second one killing their entire potential slave force). So the plot of this movie is that Sentinel Prime (frozen on the moon since the mid 1900’s.) came up with a plan with Megatron (frozen on earth since the early 1900’s. that would start to be put into place in the 1960’s that had counted on all of the plot points in the second and first movie to take place. It seems to me that trying to foil your own plan (the plot of the second one to destroy the earth) is the worst way to complete a covert operation. It would have made more sense for them to just quietly find the matrix of leadership (in Egypt where no-one can hear you transform) and then just sit tight until you were ready instead of trying to use it.

(on that note let me just state how much i hate forced sequels… remember when 1 movie was good enough…)

Now all that being said. the action scenes were very enjoyable. The Autobots kick serious ass. there are some great fights. some good jokes. most of the robots are enjoyable. and it focuses on the robots more than the humans.

So. all in all i would say enjoyable action movie. but a sequel that i really didn’t need. it suffered greatly from sequel syndrome and tried to be so much bigger that it just kind of trips over itself. I was not displeased, i enjoyed it, it was better than the second, its just not going to be my favorite movie of the summer (so far thats super 8 incase you were wondering). and I just did not leave the theatre with the same zeal i felt after the first.


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