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I think you should watch.

So last night i decided to throw on a movie while i did some work for some backgroung noise as i so often do. as i was skimming my movie titles deciding on what movie to watch i quickly stopped on a movie i really really like but always forget that it exists so i decided to watch it.

Now why when someone asks me for a good movie recommendation or something they should watch my mind never really goes to Ladder 49, in fact i generally don’t remember that movie exists most of the time. But every now and again something will spark my memory and i will sit back and watch it. and it is great. I don’t know what it is but there is just something really wonderful about this movie.

Lader 49 was released in 2004 and followers the journey of firefighter Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) as he matures into a seasoned veteran. Jack reaches a crossroads,  as the sacrifices he’s made have put him in harm’s way countless times and has harmed his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a building. And is left to reflect on his life as he waits for rescue.

I nearly cry (I don’t because i am a man) every time i watch this movie. Joaquin’s performance is brilliant and you really feel the struggle he faces as he weighs the decisions in his life. As he sits and waits for rescue he has only the memories of his life. He sits in judgement of himself wondering if there was something he could have done better, and if he has done right by his family.

I’ve only actually watched this movie maybe 2 or 3 times because as i said i often forget about it. but every now and again I will be reminded of it or i will come across it in my library, toss it on the tv, grab a big bowl of buttery popcorn and sit back and enjoy. So I guess i’m going to call this my movie recommendation of the day. It is sure to not disappoint and it was a very riveting change (i have been talking about how movies haven’t been living up to hype these days). If you haven’t watched Ladder 49 your seriously missing out and should check it out.



Transformers DOTM thoughts.

So you may have read a couple days ago me expressing my excitement and my fears about going to see Transformers 3 and the Daunting challenge I issued to Michael Bay about restoring my faith in him.

Well… I saw it. and have very mixed feelings about the movie. I’ve spent the last couple days reliving every action scene in my head and still can’t really decide what i think. It is easily better than the second. You’ll remember i complained about the second not focusing on the Transformers, the third corrected this issue. There are several really good scenes that include only transformers. but to help myself decide i’m going to just list some of my likes and dislikes in this post.

LIke – the new Witwicky love interest is easily as hot as Megan Fox.

Dislike – they removed the 2 bumbling moronic Autobots (the twins) from the second one only to replace them with a slew of equally annoying robots.

(now spoilers follow)

LIke – Leonard Nimoy

Dislike – Having Nimoy say “the needs of the many outway the needs of the few” – this was supposed to be a nice little shout out to startrek fans and people like me who were excited to have 2 of my favorite things combined (Spock and Transformers), but i found that it didn’t trigger my inner (and obvious outer) Trekkie, instead i thought it was almost to lazy and obvious to matter to me. and the line seemed rather tossed in and not well thought out.

Dislike – How I just wrote a big paragraph (that i then deleted) about how the plot in the DOTM is all to convenient. The plan in the third relies entirely on getting Optimus to use the matrix of leadership on Sentinel so that he may control the pillars to bring Cybertron to Earth (which kind of would have been useless had their plan succeeded in the second one killing their entire potential slave force). So the plot of this movie is that Sentinel Prime (frozen on the moon since the mid 1900’s.) came up with a plan with Megatron (frozen on earth since the early 1900’s. that would start to be put into place in the 1960’s that had counted on all of the plot points in the second and first movie to take place. It seems to me that trying to foil your own plan (the plot of the second one to destroy the earth) is the worst way to complete a covert operation. It would have made more sense for them to just quietly find the matrix of leadership (in Egypt where no-one can hear you transform) and then just sit tight until you were ready instead of trying to use it.

(on that note let me just state how much i hate forced sequels… remember when 1 movie was good enough…)

Now all that being said. the action scenes were very enjoyable. The Autobots kick serious ass. there are some great fights. some good jokes. most of the robots are enjoyable. and it focuses on the robots more than the humans.

So. all in all i would say enjoyable action movie. but a sequel that i really didn’t need. it suffered greatly from sequel syndrome and tried to be so much bigger that it just kind of trips over itself. I was not displeased, i enjoyed it, it was better than the second, its just not going to be my favorite movie of the summer (so far thats super 8 incase you were wondering). and I just did not leave the theatre with the same zeal i felt after the first.

It disapoints me, how disapointed I am

So although a lot of people have already seen it, Tomorrow I go and see Transformers 3 in theatres. I am really excited as transformers was and still remains one of my favorite franchises of all time.

I loved the cartoon as a kid, watched almost all of the spin offs (beast wars) so when i found out that Michael Bay was relaunching the franchise in 2007 I was pumped! and quite frankly he did not disappoint. Transformers was a great film. the explosions were awesome. the story was awesome. and the robots were awesome!. So when the second one was announced my first thought was AWESOME!

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed Giant Robots from outer space (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) as a movie about well giant Robots from outer space, but as a Transformers film I was disappointed. it didn’t focus on the Transformers (ya know… the movie isn’t called “Shia Lebeouf and Megan Fox in: My Boyfriend and his crazy robot friends’)

But more about my disappointment. Due to A lack of funds (broke student) and not a lot of time due to work (weird how I’m still broke) I have not gotten to see as many movies this summer as I would have liked. But out of the movies I have seen so far I can say the only one to NOT disappoint me was Super 8. Green lantern a movie I’ve been waiting my life to see left me walking out of the theatre ashamed to be wearing a green lantern T-shirt.

So as I enter transformers tomorrow night. I enter with high hopes and a barely mended heart. If Michael bay adds Transformers to the list of things that have disappointed me this summer I don’t know how I will ever be excited for a movie again. that being said It could be awesome! and I hope it is! I purposely have not been reading reviews because I don’t want to form an opinion before I see it.

All i know is Michael Bay has some faith to restore. hopefully he is up to the task.

The Beauty of Apps

So you may have noticed that I don’t blog all that often. mostly because I’ll be somewhere and see something that makes me think to myself… hmmm I really have a lot to say on this topic and would love to write a blog post about it. So I go about whatever it is I’m doing at the time the whole time formulating in my head how I’m going to structure the post and what I’m going to say. the more and more I sit collecting my thoughts the more excited I am about the post. Then my focus returns to whatever I was doing at the time. the task I was performing the movie I was watching ect.

I get home bust out my laptop log onto WordPress open up the add new post tab and begin to…. try to remember what I was going to talk about. Happens all the time. and i sit and I sit… and I think and I think… finally out of frustration I decide that I will come back to it when I remember what I was going to say. but i usually never do. Thats where the beauty of apps comes in.

I just downloaded the WordPress app and am hoping that this will solve my problem. it has for so many other things. I have an iPhone and do everything from it. I haven’t stepped into a bank in probably a year because I can do all my banking from my phone. I never go onto the computer to check my email because… it’s always right at my figure tips.

It seems that the longer it is before i have to do something the less likely I am to do it. if I can do it right then and there it will get done. but the longer I have to wait the more things I find to do and the further it gets pushed back. (in the case of bloging it gets pushed back so far I feel it is no longer relevent to me)

So the question I leave with as I continue to trudge through the App store looking for the next thing to make my life simpler is. Does the convenience factor make us better or worse as a society? is the ability to have everything exactly when we want it going to be our downfall and make us unable to do things later? that well… is a problem I’ll let future James deal with.

aslo to add a point to the convenience is lazy side. as I spell checked this post I realizeed I did not capitilize a sinlge I (because microsoft word does it for me usually)… fail…

Stargate Universe Final Thoughts

So last night (Tuesday) the final episode of Stargate Universe aired on Syfy.  To give a quick synopsis that hopefully doesn’t spoil it for anyone not caught up with but planning to watch the series. “The ship is in perrel (again) it looks hopeless, Eli comes up with a crazy times 1000 idea to save the ship and crew and no-one is gunna like it”

What I really liked about the episode (and I think I can say this without it counting as a spoiler) it was pretty open ended. Like Sg1 has done in the past when it faced cancellation and wasn’t sure if it would be back. They found a place they could almost put the story aside. It isn’t an ending to the journey or for the crew. Just a satisfying ending for the series that will keep people speculating long enough for fans to save the show.

It was as good of an ending as it could be without being a total copout. In my previous post I said I would be happy with any ending that didn’t seem lazy. And even though it is an ending you could have speculated on in a few of the previous episodes it throws a couple interesting last minute character development twists that I didn’t see coming at all.

If your like me and can’t get enough Stargate the usual social media campaigns are underway to save the show. visit http://www.facebook.com/SaveSGU to see how you can get involved.

And also visit http://www.gateworld.net/news/2011/05/announcing-the-stargate-rewatch-at-gateworld/ to learn about the #SGRewatch twitter even starting August 1st.

Stargate shutting down in Vancouver

So Brad Wright said at the Stargate convention in Vancouver the other day that MGM is not only not making a Stargate Universe movie, but they are shelving the planned Sg-1 and Atlantis movies as well.

I’m not so concerned about the Sg-1 movie. After 10 years 214 episodes and 2 DvD movies I was more than content with where the story ended and frankly after Richard Dean Anderson left the show in season 8 it wasn’t as good anyway. Atlantis however, I am upset about. Although I was happy with where the story ended at the end of the 5th season, I loved the characters and was looking forward to seeing them in one last adventure.

Universe is kind of the wild card. I really enjoy the show (granted it’s not my favorite of the franchise) but I feel that depending on where the series ends at the end of the second season any movie they made would have to either be the first of many, or an easy cop-out ending. I would have been glad to see the show get a couple more seasons so that the writers would have a chance to come up with a good ending to the story and don’t want to see them take the lazy way out.

So after nearly 17 years of Stargate, I feel that its about time they put the franchise to rest for a few years. Maybe in a few years some fresh writers will revitalize the franchise with a new series but I don’t think that should happen for some.

If you’re not a fan of Stargate don’t let the cancelation fool you. Its still a great show and one of my favorite sci-fi franchises.

Introducing Myself

So this is just a quick post to welcome myself, and you to Blog 476.  My name is JamesR and I will be co-authoring this blog with my good friend and housemate Craig.  I hear by promise not to ramble about boring details in my life since I’m sure you frankly don’t care. I’m a film student interested in movies (watching and making), technology, and just general pop culture. These are the things I hope to talk about on this blog (but don’t be surprised if I ramble into other topics).

May the force be with you.