The Beauty of Apps

So you may have noticed that I don’t blog all that often. mostly because I’ll be somewhere and see something that makes me think to myself… hmmm I really have a lot to say on this topic and would love to write a blog post about it. So I go about whatever it is I’m doing at the time the whole time formulating in my head how I’m going to structure the post and what I’m going to say. the more and more I sit collecting my thoughts the more excited I am about the post. Then my focus returns to whatever I was doing at the time. the task I was performing the movie I was watching ect.

I get home bust out my laptop log onto WordPress open up the add new post tab and begin to…. try to remember what I was going to talk about. Happens all the time. and i sit and I sit… and I think and I think… finally out of frustration I decide that I will come back to it when I remember what I was going to say. but i usually never do. Thats where the beauty of apps comes in.

I just downloaded the WordPress app and am hoping that this will solve my problem. it has for so many other things. I have an iPhone and do everything from it. I haven’t stepped into a bank in probably a year because I can do all my banking from my phone. I never go onto the computer to check my email because… it’s always right at my figure tips.

It seems that the longer it is before i have to do something the less likely I am to do it. if I can do it right then and there it will get done. but the longer I have to wait the more things I find to do and the further it gets pushed back. (in the case of bloging it gets pushed back so far I feel it is no longer relevent to me)

So the question I leave with as I continue to trudge through the App store looking for the next thing to make my life simpler is. Does the convenience factor make us better or worse as a society? is the ability to have everything exactly when we want it going to be our downfall and make us unable to do things later? that well… is a problem I’ll let future James deal with.

aslo to add a point to the convenience is lazy side. as I spell checked this post I realizeed I did not capitilize a sinlge I (because microsoft word does it for me usually)… fail…


Get your camera, baby

The Dean’s List – Dear Professor

The Dean’s List – Burn it All

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to proclaim a “song of the summer” early on, then to revise this prediction at least three to four times before I go back to school the next year. Last year ended with Cee-Lo Green’s Fuck You, which ended up being a pretty damn good pick, but started with something that even I’ve forgotten about by now, so who knows.

Regardless, I’ll throw my preliminary hat in the ring with The Dean’s List, and their song Dear Professor, off the genuinely enjoyable mixtape “The Drive In”

The song samples If I Die Young by The Band Perry, which is a perfectly…tolerable song in its own right…but tweaks it in such a way to create a bed on which they can actually craft a pop song.

ANYWAY, The Dean’s List manages to find something new in the chorus, turning a sombre song about dying young (obviously) into a joyful refrain for college life, parties, and generally enjoying the frivolity of youth. What better song for the summer?

The production is flawless, the flow is supreme, and the sound is fresh. Song of the summer (for now): The Dean’s List – Dear Professor

The Dean’s list is made up of Sonny Shotz, DJ Mendoza and Mik Beats, whose differing approaches to music create a fresh approach to the rap game, with a solid pop sensibility and a surplus of talent.

Also included is Burn it All, another standout from the Mixtape. I honestly would not be surprised to see these guys tear up the charts in time. Or, failing that, at least get the cred and recognition Wale and KiD CuDi are getting right about now.

Until next time, houseguests, it’s been a pleasure.

Welcome to The House

I’m Craig Chaplin, and I’m the other author here on Blog 476.

I’m also currently in Film Production, along with my buddy James, and I’m ALSO into film, TV, music, writing, pop culture, what-have-you.

ANYWAY, I will be using this blog to post my thoughts on new movies, reactions to older movies, commentary on pop culture goings on, and some new music I enjoy. Since this is more of a pop culture blog than a music or movie blog, my topics may be all over the place, but hopefully they’ll be enjoyable, informative, educational, thought-provoking, etcetera.

My email is, and I welcome comments, hate mail, ideas, awkward love notes, breakup letters, whatever.

Until next time, my beloved readers, this has been off the record, on the QT and very hush hush.

Introducing Myself

So this is just a quick post to welcome myself, and you to Blog 476.  My name is JamesR and I will be co-authoring this blog with my good friend and housemate Craig.  I hear by promise not to ramble about boring details in my life since I’m sure you frankly don’t care. I’m a film student interested in movies (watching and making), technology, and just general pop culture. These are the things I hope to talk about on this blog (but don’t be surprised if I ramble into other topics).

May the force be with you.