The Beauty of Apps

So you may have noticed that I don’t blog all that often. mostly because I’ll be somewhere and see something that makes me think to myself… hmmm I really have a lot to say on this topic and would love to write a blog post about it. So I go about whatever it is I’m doing at the time the whole time formulating in my head how I’m going to structure the post and what I’m going to say. the more and more I sit collecting my thoughts the more excited I am about the post. Then my focus returns to whatever I was doing at the time. the task I was performing the movie I was watching ect.

I get home bust out my laptop log onto WordPress open up the add new post tab and begin to…. try to remember what I was going to talk about. Happens all the time. and i sit and I sit… and I think and I think… finally out of frustration I decide that I will come back to it when I remember what I was going to say. but i usually never do. Thats where the beauty of apps comes in.

I just downloaded the WordPress app and am hoping that this will solve my problem. it has for so many other things. I have an iPhone and do everything from it. I haven’t stepped into a bank in probably a year because I can do all my banking from my phone. I never go onto the computer to check my email because… it’s always right at my figure tips.

It seems that the longer it is before i have to do something the less likely I am to do it. if I can do it right then and there it will get done. but the longer I have to wait the more things I find to do and the further it gets pushed back. (in the case of bloging it gets pushed back so far I feel it is no longer relevent to me)

So the question I leave with as I continue to trudge through the App store looking for the next thing to make my life simpler is. Does the convenience factor make us better or worse as a society? is the ability to have everything exactly when we want it going to be our downfall and make us unable to do things later? that well… is a problem I’ll let future James deal with.

aslo to add a point to the convenience is lazy side. as I spell checked this post I realizeed I did not capitilize a sinlge I (because microsoft word does it for me usually)… fail…