Stargate Universe Final Thoughts

So last night (Tuesday) the final episode of Stargate Universe aired on Syfy.  To give a quick synopsis that hopefully doesn’t spoil it for anyone not caught up with but planning to watch the series. “The ship is in perrel (again) it looks hopeless, Eli comes up with a crazy times 1000 idea to save the ship and crew and no-one is gunna like it”

What I really liked about the episode (and I think I can say this without it counting as a spoiler) it was pretty open ended. Like Sg1 has done in the past when it faced cancellation and wasn’t sure if it would be back. They found a place they could almost put the story aside. It isn’t an ending to the journey or for the crew. Just a satisfying ending for the series that will keep people speculating long enough for fans to save the show.

It was as good of an ending as it could be without being a total copout. In my previous post I said I would be happy with any ending that didn’t seem lazy. And even though it is an ending you could have speculated on in a few of the previous episodes it throws a couple interesting last minute character development twists that I didn’t see coming at all.

If your like me and can’t get enough Stargate the usual social media campaigns are underway to save the show. visit to see how you can get involved.

And also visit to learn about the #SGRewatch twitter even starting August 1st.