Stargate shutting down in Vancouver

So Brad Wright said at the Stargate convention in Vancouver the other day that MGM is not only not making a Stargate Universe movie, but they are shelving the planned Sg-1 and Atlantis movies as well.

I’m not so concerned about the Sg-1 movie. After 10 years 214 episodes and 2 DvD movies I was more than content with where the story ended and frankly after Richard Dean Anderson left the show in season 8 it wasn’t as good anyway. Atlantis however, I am upset about. Although I was happy with where the story ended at the end of the 5th season, I loved the characters and was looking forward to seeing them in one last adventure.

Universe is kind of the wild card. I really enjoy the show (granted it’s not my favorite of the franchise) but I feel that depending on where the series ends at the end of the second season any movie they made would have to either be the first of many, or an easy cop-out ending. I would have been glad to see the show get a couple more seasons so that the writers would have a chance to come up with a good ending to the story and don’t want to see them take the lazy way out.

So after nearly 17 years of Stargate, I feel that its about time they put the franchise to rest for a few years. Maybe in a few years some fresh writers will revitalize the franchise with a new series but I don’t think that should happen for some.

If you’re not a fan of Stargate don’t let the cancelation fool you. Its still a great show and one of my favorite sci-fi franchises.