The Wow Factor

A little update here to get the word out about Storage Wars, one of the more enjoyable new shows on TV right now.

Storage Wars is a show about four auction hunters who buy foreclosed storage lockers. The premise sounds pretty dumb, but the fun really comes out of watching the characters bidding against each other, and seeing the treasures that come out of these old lockers. Each of the four, Barry the Collector, Darrell the Gambler, Dave the Mogul and Jarrod the Young Gun (along with his wife Brandi) have such distinct, over the top personalities that one can’t help but be sucked into their stories each episode.

Also, rooting against Dave is so much fun. The guy makes such a great villain.

Storage Wars is in its first season, with 17 episodes so far.

Tonight is a 5 hour marathon starting at 5 EST, with a bonus new episode at 9:30. Storage Wars usually airs new episodes at 10:30 on Wednesdays.

As an aside, exactly how popular is Storage Wars? It could be building up steam already, but it’s worth a watch if you haven’t checked it out yet.